Blush Gold Jewels

In love with gold… The emobidiment of a modern woman today; chic, playful and elegant.

The simple sophistication of Blush captures a youthful spirit to timeless design. Worn independently or stacked combined, the delicacy of each design represents a fresh approach to everlasting style.
Blush is the essence of beautifully detailed and simple design in 14-carat gold and zirconia. Featuring a diverse collection of delicately fine rings, each one with a subtle difference, which can be worn on the finger in countless combinations or simply worn on their own. Necklaces can be worn with pendants of any choice.


All products are made of 14-carat gold (also known as 585). Colored gold, such as rose and white gold, can be created by the addition of copper and silver. Some items are individually hand-set with zirconia, the zirconium used in the Blush collection is the highest quality possible, for pave set designs, white gold is used to give the best effect on the stones.


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