About us

Venson Amsterdam (former IBB) distributes lifestyle watches & jewellery and we create jewellery and accessory brands; brands with strong and distinctive identities.

Our distribution and agent sales network covers The Netherlands, Belgium and France. For our own brands we are open to the whole world.

We focus on mid to high-end department stores, jewellery stores, concept and lifestyle stores, e-commerce and any other influential retail channels where our consumers buy and look to get inspired.

Growth for all

To achieve brand growth we combine unique market knowledge, engaging story telling and powerful publish channels. We support our clients with a diverse range of marketing tools to engage with their customers and achieve maximum conversion.

We believe that solutions to today's challenges often start with ourselves

Our corporate priorities also reflect our company values. Values that take into account sustainability and equality. We, as a company, want to take care of both our purse and our planet. That’s why we, as a group of specialists, look at what is close to us, what we are good at, and how we can use this knowhow to make a positive impact on our community/environment/world.

In addition to working more sustainably  within our own organization, every year we partner with suppliers  to help initiatives such as https://shyethiopia.org/  

A Love Affair with Jewellery and TimepiecesA Love Affair with Jewellery and Timepieces; A gift to the company owners offered to them by all their employees to celebrate Venson Amsterdam's (former IBB Amsterdam) 15th anniversary and Venson Paris ' (former IBB Paris) 10th anniversary.